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December 4th-12th, 2016USA · San Francisco

Initiated by Geekbang, ChinaTech Day refers to a series of activities aiming to build partnerships within the industry,showcase the competitiveness of Chinese technology, share practical experiences, promote technological dissemination and innovation, and connectChinese tech experts with the world.

Following the trip to Japan earlier this year, ChinaTech Day (US) will be held in San Francisco between December 4 and12. With a group consisting of dozens of industry leaders and tech experts in China, the event represents top-notch technological competitiveness of China and strives to help Chinese tech enterprises go global by connecting partnership resources, building cooperation in terms of industry talents and technological resources, and aiding technological exchanges and integration between China and the US.

Dec. 4th/Depart
Dec. 4th/Arrival
Dec. 5thOpen incubator and coworking spaceParisoma
3D Design, Engineering & Entertainment SoftwareAutodesk
The World's First and Largest Hardware AcceleratorHAX Boost
Dec. 6thThe Biggest Hardware Accelerator at Silicon ValleyPlug & Play
Most fast-growing and fascinating shopping experience around the globeTopHatter
Universities and Incubators (China)Standford University
Dec. 7thIncubator/EntrepreneursY Combinator
Innovative vacation home rental communityAirbnb
Leading High-tech MultinationalGoogle (Alphabet)
SNS GiantFacebook
Silicon Valley NightSilicon Valley Night
Dec. 8thWorld’s largest mobile device developerCheetah Mobile
the world's catalog of ideasPinterest
Dec. 9thFun Day: SightseeingFun Day: Sightseeing
Dec. 10thInternal meetingInternal meeting
US-China Tech ForumUS-China Tech Forum
Celebration PartyCelebration Party
Dec. 11th/Free Day
Dec. 12th/Back to China
US-China Tech Forum
Chinese technological innovation on the international stage!

As China makes its transition from an importer to an exporter of technology, Chinese technology has been moving into the limelight around the globe. The US-China Tech Forum held by Geekbang is a world class IT event aiming to facilitate technological exchanges between the two countries and showcasing the explorations and practices made by Chinese companies in the field of cutting-edge technology.

As part of the ChinaTech Day event, the US-ChinaTech Forum will be held on December 10, 2016 at Stanford University (to be confirmed). The forum will invite Chinese Internet enterprise representatives and tech officers of startups to share their technological innovation.

San Francisco · Downtown · Silicon Valley
Company Visits(To be confirmed)
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Silicon Valley ChinaTech Night
Date: December 7thLocation: San Francisco
Overseas Chinese engineers based in the Silicon Valley are invited to share their insights with leading tech experts from China on the differences between China and the US in open source culture,engineer culture, startup teams, and technological management in a casual session of Lean Coffee, followed by a cocktail session for networking.
RMB 60,000
  1. The group consists of 30 seats and 15 seats are open.
  2. Applicants will be reviewed and approved before joining.
  3. EGO members are preferred and given special discounts.
The joining fee covers
  1. US-China Tech Forum:ChinaTech Day keynote speeches, talks,networking events and work lunch
  2. Company visits: visit San Francisco-based enterprises (including transport and food)
  3. Flights: Return flights from Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou to San Francisco (December 4 – December 12)
  4. Accommodation: 8 nights in boutique hotel inSan Francisco
  5. Airport pick-up and drop-off: Airport pick-up and drop-up in San Francisco
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